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A Little Bit About Us

About A.R.M.S. A Shattered Mirror A.R.M.S. was formed by a small group of mothers who, having lost their children to adoption were continuously traumatised when experts and health professionals minimised and invalidated the severe emotional anguish, trauma and grief they experienced as a consequence of the loss of their children. The common assumption appeared to be that mothers should accept the loss of their living babies — as if it were possible to do that.

The peak period for adoption was from the 1960s to 1970s when it is estimated approximately 150,000 children were illegally taken from their unmarried mothers and provided to infertile couples as a service. ARMS came into being as a consequence of conventional agencies not effectively addressing the needs of traumatised mothers.

ARMS is funded through donations and membership contributions by its members. We are Independent from any government, religious or other charitable organisations.