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Affected by Adoption?

Association Representing Mothers Separated from children by adoption (ARMS) 

We are a self-help group providing support services to all parties affected by adoption separation.

Everyone is welcome.

"Seeing one's adult daughter once, for 3 days, in 50 years is soul destroying and for me ARMS has been a lifeline." 

Heather, Mother

"Meeting and speaking with other survivors helped me realise I am not alone"
'Leanne', Adopted Adult

Who are we?

ARMS is an incorporated, voluntary, non-profit, self-help organisation. We offer emotional support and advice on trauma- informed counselling options. We have monthly meetings in Perth and also provide information on the effects of adoption.

ARMS offers support to all persons affected by adoption separation.

Support Group and Meeting
Held on the third Monday of each month.
Get in contact for more details:

You are not alone, find support at


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