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Australian Adoptive Memoir is a rare genre of life writing. We encourage you to read, share and ask your local library to source these important works of truth telling. ​

Many of the works written within this genre are independently published and some may be out of print.

  • Works written by Australian adoptive parents from the Forced Adoption Era are NOT included owing to the pro-adoptive tropes.

Please get in touch if there is a memoir missing from this list as we do know there are many works being crafted right now!


Crazy Bastard: A memoir of forced adoption – Derek Pedley/Abe Maddison 2023

Child in the Clouds. A memoir in verse about adoption trauma. Julia Kaylock (Vale) 2021

Lifting the lid: A memoir of Adoption – Karen Ingham 2021

Dirty Laundry. The crimes a country tried to hide – Lily Arthur 2021

Tree of Strangers. – Barbara Sumner 2020 (NZ filmmaker & journalist)

Ten Doors Down – Robert Tickner 2020 

Little One – Paul Papathanasiou 2019

Heartlines: The year I met my Mother – Susannah McFarlane & Robin Leuba 2016

I knew you’d have brown eyes – Mary Tennant 2016

Adoption Deception: A personal and professional journey- Penny Mackieson 2015 

Run for your life – Jill Jolliffe 2014 

Shadows in Paradise: A Memoir – Carolann Dowding 2013

A long way home - Saroo Brierley 2013

Surviving Secrets – Margaret Watson 2010

Shadows in Paradise: A Memoir – Carolann Dowding 2013

Delinquent Angel – Diana Georgeff 2011

Coming Home to Truth – Judith Roseboom 2010 (self-published booklet – out of print)

The Lucy Family Alphabet- Judith Lucy 2008

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