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Australian Adoptive Memoir is a rare genre of life writing. We encourage you to read, share and ask your local library to source these important works of truth telling. ​

Many of the works written within this genre are independently published and some may be out of print.

Please give this list to your local library and ask them to stock the available titles.

Please get in touch if there is a memoir missing from this list as we do know there are many works being crafted right now!


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Tell No-One Brendan Watkins 2023                                                                            Crazy Bastard: A memoir of forced adoption – Derek Pedley/Abe Maddison 2023

Child in the Clouds. A memoir in verse about adoption trauma. Julia Kaylock (Vale) 2021

Lifting the lid: A memoir of Adoption – Karen Ingham 2021

Dirty Laundry. The crimes a country tried to hide – Lily Arthur 2021

Tree of Strangers. – Barbara Sumner 2020 (NZ filmmaker & journalist)

Ten Doors Down – Robert Tickner 2020 

Little One – Paul Papathanasiou 2019

Heartlines: The year I met my Mother – Susannah McFarlane & Robin Leuba 2016

I knew you’d have brown eyes – Mary Tennant 2016

Adoption Deception: A personal and professional journey- Penny Mackieson 2015 

Run for your life – Jill Jolliffe 2014 

Shadows in Paradise: A Memoir – Carolann Dowding 2013

A long way home - Saroo Brierley 2013

Surviving Secrets – Margaret Watson 2010

Shadows in Paradise: A Memoir – Carolann Dowding 2013

Delinquent Angel – Diana Georgeff 2011

Coming Home to Truth – Judith Roseboom 2010 (self-published booklet – out of print)

The Lucy Family Alphabet- Judith Lucy 2008

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