Association Representing Mothers Separated from children by adoption (A.R.M.S.)


Our aim is to provide emotional support to all parties who have been separated by adoption. Our support meeting's environment is friendly, non judgmental and supportive .

We provide information to assist with reunion or post-adoption effects and promote community awareness of the long-term consequences of adoption, separation and secrecy. We dispel the myth that adoption is a benign practice.

We seek to advocate for the rights of all affected by adoption and monitor legislative changes to adoption law. We do this by encouraging and promoting social and administrative reforms that address the needs of people already separated by adoption.

Our Mission

We would like to raise awareness about trauma associated with forced adoptions and educate the public about the long term effects of adoption separation.


Our Vision

Allowing all people separated by adoption to find openness in letting go of the secrets of the past.

We believe families need not forcibly be separated.