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          We need an inquiry. Write a letter to your MLA 


ARMS WA has embarked on a letter writing campaign to our state member's of parliament.


We are requesting that the state government of Western Australia;

  1. Remove the statute of limitations for ALL survivors of adoption (mothers & adult adopted persons)

  2. Instigate redress and greviance mechanisms for adopted adults and mothers

  3. Ensure all former institutions and funding bodies publically apologise

  4. Implement the suite of recommendations stated within the 2012 Senate Inquiry.

  5. Allow adult adoptees to access (without cost) the revocation of their adoption, integrated birth certificates and the inclusion of their fathers name on their original birth certificate, free from complicated processes. Release all adoptees and mother from contact veto. 

  6. Late discovery adoptees - the government must expediate a safe process to inform those who still do not know they are adopted. 

  7. Conduct a parliamentary inquiry/truthtelling commission which investigates the policies and practices of adoption from the unique West Australian context.

  8. Provide sufficient FTE and funding to deliver quality services for survivors to find & connect with family, psychological services and wrap around supports as needed by the individual.

Sample letters are attached below which can be used to help guide your letter writing and to even copy and paste. You can write to your local member, to any of the representatives which are listed below AND highly recommend writing to the minister who oversees our portfolio; the HON. Sabine Winton.

We need your support to help bring much needed legislative change. In WA, more than 42,000 newborns and their mothers were denied their rights to remain together from 1895-1987.

Please returned completed petitions to ARMS WA
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