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MLA Mia Davies, with Michelle outside the WA parliament October 20th, 2022.

On Wednesday February 22nd, 2023

Chair of the Standing committee on the Environment and Public Affairs, Labor MP Peter Foster tabled a report in parliament today, saying the inquiry would look into the adoptive practices of the 20th century between 1939 and 1980.


He said the committee would try to understand the lived experiences of people affected by  forced adoption practices and examine the role of the State government, health services and private institutions in the practices.


Mr Foster told the Legislative Council that  it would also look into what measures are currently available to help people experiencing distress, their effectiveness and how people can be further supported.


Finally, he said it would consider any other matter that arises during the course of the inquiry deemed to be relevant by the committee.


The committee is calling for written submissions with the deadline being April 21, 2023.

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