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On a beautiful Saturday morning in late April, 2022, ARMS represenatives met with state MLA Hannah Beazley (Vic Park) and Federal Minister Zaneta Mascarenhas (Swan) at Read Park.

For nearly an hour the women discussed the issues which continue to face survivors of forced adoption.

Photo Source: HON. Hannah Beazley

In the media

Across many decades ARMS WA members and others have written numerous pieces to raise community awareness of the lifelong harm unecessarily inflicted upon the survivors of forced adoption.

Many have also been IN the news too.

If you have a West Australian article not showcased here, please get in touch so that we can share your story here.

Watch this space as the inquiry creates a momentum within the media.


Albany Advertiser


February 22nd, 2023

Journalist Claire Moodie


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As support grows for a forced adoption inquiry in WA, there's hope for positive change nationwide
ABC online February 22nd 2023
Claire Moodie

Fight to end contact veto restraining orders preventing adopted people contacting their family

WA Forced adoption survivors, MLA Mia Davies & MLA Libby Mettam

speak with media after the greviance.

                                          October 20th, 2022

The Parliamentary Greviance delivered by Opposition Leader HON Mia Davies to then mininster for communities Simone McGurk.

To read the entire greviance and the reply please click on the PDF icon .
(Page 5 onwards)


To watch the GWN news item - click on the link below.
Listen to Michelle's ABC podcast.
                              July 2022
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ABC GS interview July 2022Tim Wong-See interviews Jen McRae
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The West Australian
March 10th, 2010.
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March 5th 2010     ABC Local Radio

               Adoption apology stories

A compelling half hour of radio as unwed mothers of the 1940s through 1980s tell of their experiences of being forced to give up their newborns.

When news came through of the WA government's plans to apologise to unwed mothers of the 1940s through 1980s and their children who were taken unlawfully into adoption, we opened our phone lines to hear your stories.

We heard from the mothers themselves, who recounted their experiences of motherhood cut short.

There were adopted children who told their stories of finding their biological parents.

We also heard from a welfare officer who defended the practice and a midwife who is struggling to reconcile her actions in the past to her present Christian faith.

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